7 carriers(pulleys)/ Per meter;3 Mounting plates/ Per meter;2 end-stops for a whole section;Several screws / Per meter

Installation method:

1. Make the curved track straight first. You can wind the track up and tie it in reverse.

2. Determine the point to be drilled in the wall, and drill with no.6 drill. The spacing is between 40cm and must be in the same straight line

3. If it is installed on wood, there is no need to drill hole, and the support can be fixed directly with wood screw.

4. The track is i-shaped, with narrow side up and wide side down.Slightly curved on the wide side, used for hanging pulleys.

5. Installation sequence: the wall code is fixed with screws first, and the track is covered with pulley and sealing before the track is stuck into the wall code. You can use a word screwdriver to make it easier to push the sliding block.The top code is to hook the top code on the track first, and then fix the top code with screws, and put the seal and pulley on before fixing the top two on the far side.

Product Features

  • Material: ABS+Metal+Plastic
  • Curved track used in the U-shaped windows, balconies turn windows, oval windows and other scenery.
  • There is unique design to reduce the noice when sliding the carriers
  • Easy to be mounted/bent
  • It’s super flexible so it doesn’t matter how sharp or narrow your angles are