The ceiling tiles and panels are made of uniform extruded polystyrene foam. With this technology, it is possible to obtain smooth and even surface. They will give your ceiling an extremely attractive look. Additionally, the tiles have high water resistance and their smooth surface makes them easy to clean with ordinary cleansers. All of the tiles can be painted. The tiles are about 20″x20″ and are easily glued to any ceiling without any prior preparation. Our ceiling tiles are manufactured and imported from European Factories and meet highest standards of production. They are excellent way to add style and beauty to your home and perfect for covering popcorn ceilings, ugly water stains or just plain boring ceilings. Antique Ceilings Inc. products will make a difference in your home. Decorative Styrofoam Celing Tiles are 20×20 inches, easy to install, paintable and can be glued over popcorn ceilings, drywall, plywood, sheetrock, stucco, knock-down, etc. These tiles can be also easily painted with any water-based paints, metallic or non-metallic. Depending on the finish you can achieve plaster or real tin look for less and fast.

Product Features

  • Each Tile is 50cm x50cm. Each package of 8 covers 21.6 SQFT
  • Easily Glues directly to Popcorn Ceilings, Stucco, Plywood, Sheetrock, Knock-Down
  • Paintable with any water-based paints, metallic or non-metallic.
  • Cuts with razor knife, Adds sound, heat & cold insulation.
  • Looks like real tin or plaster ceiling, depending on the finish.