White Powder Coated 4-Way Adjustable Metal Diffuser for Evaporative/Swamp Cooler, Cover Hole Size 22″ x 22″. – White powder coated metal – Body dimension: 22″W x 22″L x 6″H – 1″ width edge at the end of the body for easy installation. See image for details. – 4-way adjustable.

Product Features

  • Designed to cover a 22″ x 22″ hole size, for up to 22″ round duct. The mounting size is 24″ x 24″. See image
  • White powder coated metal. For commercial kitchen’s evaporative/swamp water cooler air outlet
  • 4-way adjustable air shutters.
  • Overall dimension: 24″W x 24″L x 6″H. This is the popular size for the 2 feet ceiling tiles.
  • 1″ width edge for easy installation, no pre-drilled holes. Please drill the holes and mount the screws on each edge.