Abundant color for option.Eye-Catching 3D Profiles.

Non-overlap. Adjusting freely the placement of same design, bring different beauty effect. 

Crash proof. Fire-retardant and acoustic insulation.

Zero benzene and formaldehyde. 

Water-proofing and moisture-proofing, allowed long-term expose to moist environment.

Shockproof with light weight,easy to transport.

clean by damp cloth .low maintenance.

Easy do it yourself. The leather wall tiles can be cut by knife easily according to your requirement. When removing the leather wall, it will not damage the whitewall, cement wall and PVC wallpaper.

Each 3D art wall panel is Independent and separated. Even if damaged by knife, you can easily replace some of them. 

One-step moulding process makes perfect products. 

Originality. Turn your dull wall into eye candy decoration!


Top layer-PVC leather for Auto seat cover, durable, easy-to-clean and anti-hydrolysis.

Middle layer-Soft PU foam,anti-shock, sound-proof.

Back layer-PET fiberboard, light weight, Eco-friendly, sound-absorbing, moisture proof.

Weight: 555g per piece

Lifetime:25-30 years

Installation: Glass Cement and Hot Melt Adhesive

Application: 3D leather tile is widely used in modern and contemporary wall design, such as partition, children’s room, living room, bedroom, kitchen room, TV background,home theater feature walls and ceiling in house decoration; company logo wall,lobby backdrop, play room, the interrogation room, KTV, cinema, reception desk front in office, restaurant, kindergartens, nursing homes, cafes or night clubs decoration. Other than creating a stunning visual effect for wall, elegant leather wall tile can also be crafted into furniture designs, such as featured door skins, cabinet doors, bed head board, bedroom wardrobe and more.

Product Features

  • Very fine-leather skin for Auto seat cover, durable, colorable, easy-to-clean and anti-hydrolysis
  • Soft PU foam, anti-shock, sound-proof. No adhesive, One-step moulding process, Zero formaldehyde
  • Size:40*40cm (15.75*15.75*0.82In)/ per piece. Suitable for Interior wall, headboard wall and ceiling.
  • Quick installation the 3D texture wall panels by glue without rendering, saving labor and material.
  • Easy-to-clean by damp cloth. Water-proofing and moisture-proofing, low maintenance and lightweight