The Electric Spin Scrubber with Multi-Purpose Uses,It can be Used Indoor and Outdoor for Cleaning any Surfaces,like Tubs, Floor, Walls, Bathrooms, Kitchen,Even Care Tires.And Our Scrubber is Made Up of Three Parts, It will be Detachable and Easy to Storage.
Can Material:Ni-Plate Steel
Maximum Charger Voltage:4.2V
Nominal Capacity:1200mAh
Nominal Voltage:3.7V
Spin scrubber *1
Extension Arm *1
Replaceable head brushes *4
American Standard Charger *1
User manual *1
①Please wear the rubber gloves or stay at a distance to avoid contact from splatter of detergents with skin and eyes while head is spinning.
②Must press the “off” when charging
③Please press the “on” when using
④The first time you need to charge for 8 hours
⑤Don’t put the battery charger in water or other liquids
⑥Don’t charge in case of moisture or corrosion
⑦Don’t use while charging
Q:Will the brush head wear out seriously?
A:We increased the hardness of the brush head than before, so that it won’t be seriously worn and the dirt will be more easily cleaned.
Q:Can this be used with any cleaner? Tub cleaner, toilet cleaner floor cleaner, etc.?
A:Yes,you can use it with any cleaner one by one,not use they together.
Q:Is it safe for wood floors?
A:Yes,the electric spin scrubber won’t leave any scratches
Q:How did this come packaged? Are the brushes packaged in any plastic covering?
A:We will packed with 2 small box and 1 big box.Brushes with one small paper box and mop with one small paper box,totally with one big box together.

Product Features

  • DETACHABLE:The electric spin mop can be assembled into two types for short and long.It will protect your shoulders, back and knees to a large extent,the electric mop cordless will be a perfect gift for mom, wife, or anyone else who hates cleaning!
  • 4 REPLACEABLE CLEANING BRUSHES SET:Comes With 4 Replaceable Brushes for multiple cleaning missions-EXTRA-WIDE FLAT BRUSH used for cleaning flat surfaces, like bathroom ceramic tile ground and Floor to Ceiling Window;DOME BRUSH used for sink and bathtub;CORNER BRUSH used for corner and other narrow space;MOP BRUSH can be used in any place with water and dust.
  • WATERPROOF:Cordless rechargeable electric mop is waterproof,even you can use it directly in the water, there will be without any problem!And all of the brushes are cleaned very easily!!
  • CORDLESS DRSIGN:The cordless spin scrubber was powered by built-in rechargeable,high rotate speed will meet you for long working duration to clean and wipe the dirt thoroughly without interruption.All of the stubborn soap scum, mildew, grime and hard water stains will be gone fast.Fully charged in 8 hours at first time
  • WARRANTY:One year warranty for quality.If with any quality problems,will full refund.We stand the quality and durability of our products and we also believe that you will LOVE your Spin Scrubber.