Used widely in house decoration
This aluminum mosaic tile is used widely for house decoration(kitchen backsplash,bathroom,wall,house decor even for bill board)

Just “Peel & Stick”
You shall peel off the backing stickers then stick it on the clean and smooth surface without any techical tools cutting the tiles.So you can save your time and money on labor.
If there is a need to cut to fit in, use utility knife, just following the seam between the individual pieces. But if you need to cut through the pieces, please use the extermely sharp knife or industrial scissors.

Grease can be clean up
Used for kitchen blacksplash, grease can be clean up.It’s light and solid, easy to install and clean off, resists heat and moisture.

5 Sheets in a safe packing
There are 5 sheets in a box with foam bag, covering 5 square feet.

The sticker is strong,once you stick it on the wall or any surface,it won’t be easy to peel it off.

Please keep the wall surface clean and smooth before sticking, moreover, it can not always suit to the wall which is uneven.

Product Features

  • ✔ It’s used for home decoration, such as the kitchen or bathroom metal wall tile.
  • ✔ Each sheet has brushed aluminum matted surface and adhesive backsplash, no grout.
  • ✔ Just peel and stick, save your time and money on labor.Easy for installation.
  • ✔ It’s resistant to heat and moisture, most people put it behind the stove.
  • ✔ There are 5 sheets in a box covering 5 square feet(12*12 Inch per sheet).