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  • FUNCTIONAL! With a 360º Swivelling head you can change direction with ease which means you can easily & effortlessly maneuver in-between obstacles with no effort & that ultimately means you will fly through your mopping.
  • EFFECTIVE! Our Mop has a 2″ clearance height. What this means to you is you can get under low furniture easily & what that really means to you is effectively locating & eliminating those elusive dust bunnies & ultimately put an end to their miraculous appearances without heavy lifting.
  • BREAKTHROUGH! The problem with other mops is they don’t have the ability to lock the head. Our mop solves that with a unique head clip lock which disables left & right movement of the swivel allowing you precise control which ultimately means you can use the mop on walls, ceilings & windows & never feel frustrated with a mop that seems to have a mind of its own.
  • FAST RESULTS! If you have been looking for a mop that gives extremely quick results, your search is over! You will be able to give your floors that super quick once over which means this is the perfect solution for the OCD individual in desperate need of a quick fix before the inlaws or company arrives.

You risk absolutely nothing. Our mop is backed by an unconditional no risk no-nonsense 1-year money back Guarantee & manufacturer warranty.

Your search for the one, no-holds-barred slam-dunk of a mop is over! This takes the mystique out of “the professionally paid cleaners remarkable results”

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Product Features

  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE! Unlike other mops which leave streaks & clean unevenly, our’s applies evenly distributed pressure as you mop. What that means to you is it cleans to the exact same standard everywhere the mop touches And what that really means to you is this eliminates the need to have to go over the same spot twice which ultimately means NO streaks thanks to precision pressure from a structurally solid design & no time wasted re-mopping. That’s why our mop is the #1 choice for Amazon buyers!
  • REMARKABLE RESULTS! If you have been looking for a mop that cleans more effectively than cotton mops then your search is over. That’s because our mop removes 99.9% of bacteria with water alone which means that you can completely eliminate chemicals & cross contamination And what that ultimately means is that you can do away with the heavy, old shaggy mop & bucket and in turn clean your floor in 25% the usual time it takes WITHOUT having to book a back massage appointment. Guaranteed!
  • UNIQUE! Are you fed up with a mop handle that has one height setting for all? The problem with other mops is they either have NO height setting or if they do then your choice is restricted to the “3 apples tall” setting OR the “i’m a giraffe” setting. Our elite mop solves this problem. How? Our’s has a patented 3 section telescopic handle which means that you can lock the handle at various lengths of your choice. Never suffer from back pain caused from an unadjustable handle ever again!
  • REVOLUTIONARY! Are you frustrated with a heavy mop tiring out your arms? Do you have weak wrists or a bad arm? This mop will be the light at the end of your tunnel. Made from lightweight, sturdy aluminium making every phase of mopping easy. The handle is sturdy enough to lean on a little to get off dirty spots but still incredibly light. The pads slide across the floor as if they were floating, leaving shiny floor behind. The ONLY thing left to desire after this mop is that it mopped for you.
  • WE DON’T CUT CORNERS! Unlike other mops, Ours provides true value for money by including a grout/corner bush & gloves. What that means to you is you can clean your tile grout, shower grout, toilet base or any other corner with ease And what that REALLY means to you is never again do you have to partake in those nasty toothbrush grout cleaning chores And what that ultimately means to you is getting down on your hands & knees can now officially be a thing of the past.