Description: 1) LED Under Cabinet lighting for retail shop, display lighting, kitchen lighting, lighting uniformity demanding situations. 2) LED lighting without ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation without the harmful rays. 3) 80% more efficient than incandescent lighting with even more savings over halogen and xenon lights 4) Plug and play wire connectors. 5) Our wall style Reign LED Dimmer Switch is a great option for making pinpoint brightness adjustments. Installation: : 1) Place a clear mounting clip under the front of edge approximately 2 to 3 inches from the front. the flat back of the clip should face the cabinet, and the two sides hang down, allowing them to grasp the light bar. Use a screwdriver though the center hole in the clip to secure it. 2) Install additional mounting clips under the cabinet in the same manner as described in Step 1. 3) Pick up the first LED light bar at one end of the cabinets and place it under the cabinet with the lights facing down. press it firmly into the mounting clips to hold it place. Repeat the process to snap the remaining light bars into the remaining mounting clips.

Product Features

  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: Being effective on cabinet lighting, it also contributes good effort on energy efficiency. It uses only 4 x 3 watts but we already get enough lights. It does not need too much power but it gives maximum function.
  • LONG LASTING: The lights last for 30000hrs, you no longer need to replace under cabinet led twice a year.
  • INSTALLATION & MOUNTING: Includes all necessary hardware for surface undercabinet / task lighting areas.
  • DIMMING: The cabinet led can be dimmed by the in-line dimmer when using a 12VDC Electronic Transformer or power source
  • LOW PROFILE: Only 0.4 inch thickness, can be easily hidden in your closet, cabinets, bookcase, counters, utility rooms, bathroom, kitchen, basement, jewelry display case and more.