LED Flush Mount Light, SunGlobal 18W Dimmable Square Ultra-thin Recessed Panel Lighting, 120W Incandescent Equivalent, 1440lm, Cold White 5000K, Cut Hole 8.1 Inch, Ceiling Light with 110V LED Driver

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Technical Specifications:
Power: 18W
Input Voltage: AC110V
Luminous Flux: 1440LM
Emitting Color: 5000K(Cold White)
Dimmable: Yes
Light Source: LED
LED Chip: 2835
Incandescent Equivalent: 120W
CRI: ≥80
Surface Size: 8.9 inch(225mm)
Back Hole Size: 8.1 inch(205mm)
Dimension: Φ225*225mm
Light direction: Downlight
Average life: 50000 hours
Warranty: 2 years
Package: 1* LED panel light, 1* LED driver, 3*Spring Loaded Clipsand installation guide

How much LED lights do I need for the room?
1 sq.m:1-3W
1-10 sq.m:3-15W
10-15 sq.m:15-24W
15-20 sq.m:24-40W
20-30 sq.m:40-72W

How to choose the lights color?
3000K: Used in family, hotels, coffee shops and other warm and sweet environment required.
4000K: Used in home where need a soft white lighting atmosphere.
5000K: Used in office, working area, shopping mall and other commercial area or some place where need super bright.

Application Areas:
Living room, bedroom, kitchen, washroom.
Conference, meeting room, show room, showcase.
School, university, hospital, hotel.
Supermarket, department store, etc.

Installation Guide:
1. First install two spring loaded clips in panel light.
2. Connect LED driver wires with household electrical wire.
3. Put panel light into the hole.
4. The spring loaded clip automatically clasp the ceiling, finish!
We will add an installation guide in the package.

Product Features

  • Dimmable LED recessed light. Works with most LED dimmers but please use with silicon-controlled rectifier(SRC) type dimmer to ensure flicker-free dimming
  • Ultra-thin recessed ceiling light. 1” thickness, 18W, 1440lm, 5000K, CRI≥80, outer diameter 8.9” (225mm), inner diameter 8.1” (205mm), use attached spring retaining clips to flush mount, looks flat after installing
  • Energy Saving Recessed Lighting. LED light, save more than 90% of power consumption without losing any brightness, save a lot on bills
  • Long Lifetime Panel Light. 85-265V AC range, 50000 hours of use (30 times longer than incandescent bulbs)
  • Modern recessed light fixture. Ideal for hallways, bedrooms, offices, stairways, hotel, conference room, factory, house, airport, metro station, school, hospital and other public places that require energy-efficient and high color rendering index lighting