The U.S. Duster Company presents a Chenille duster with an extra long pole handle for cleaning those hard-to-reach places. These dusters have extendable telescoping poles that are capable of reaching high locations like ceilings the tops of ceiling fans and the blinds on high windows. You’ll also be able to dust the tops of tall lamps book shelves China cabinets and other furniture. The pole is made from lightweight aluminum and it consists of three sections. It weighs less than two pounds making it extremely easy to lift. This is convenient when you need to lift the duster to clean high locations. Even though the aluminum pole is very lightweight it’s also very sturdy giving you excellent control as you clean those hard-to-reach areas. When the duster pole is collapsed it is six feet long. When the pole is completely extended it is 12 feet long. When you add your own height and arm length you’ll be able to reach heights up to 20 feet. Use this extra long duster as a spider web cleaner or as a regular duster. The blue duster head uses microfibers to attract and hold on to dust particles and allergens. The duster head is delicate enough to use on fragile home furnishings and it is more effective than a feather duster. This duster head is also bendable making it great for dusting irregularly shaped objects. The duster head screws onto the threaded end of the pole. This means that you can remove the duster head to clean it or to replace it with another attachment provided that it’s the right size. When the duster head gets old and worn down you can replace it with a new duster head. Alternatively if you’re working on a painting project you can replace the duster head with a paint roller. The included duster head is easy to clean. You can shake it clean or gently wash it with warm water and a little bit of dish soap. Then rinse the duster and allow it to air dry.

Product Features

  • GREAT SPIDER WEB BRUSH WITH POLE- Allows you to reach high vaulted ceilings and remove cobwebs. The narrow bendable duster head allows you to clean hard to reach places.
  • CEILING FAN DUSTER WITH EXTENDED POLE – This bendable duster has an extra long telescoping pole that is 5 ft. long when collapsed and 13 ft. long when fully extended.
  • 👍 CHANGE POLE ATTACHMENTS – Easy to switch high ceiling duster attachments. The Duster Head is also removable to allow for machine washing.
  • BENDABLE DUSTER HEAD – The Chenille duster is bendable also for all your hard to reach places. Adding your own height and arm length to the length of the pole you’ll be able to reach areas up to 20 ft. high. You’ll be able to use the duster for cleaning high vaulted ceilings.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM POLE – The extendable pole is made from lightweight aluminum. It weighs less than two pounds making it extremely easy to lift when you are trying to reach high locations. While the pole is lightweight it is also sturdy. The aluminum pole consists of three sections that can be extended to make the pole longer.