Product Features:

This broom with great grip,easy to clean dust and chip.

Has a nice little hole in the handle, perfect for hanging.

Having a metal handle makes it much more sturdy and reliable.

Removable handle, light to carry,easy to maneuver,fits in your outside storage shelter.

The bristles are soft enough to get the light dust, but sturdy enough to get the bigger items.

If you are into protecting the environment, you will like the fact that this broom is eco-friendly with broom block and bristles made of 80% recycled material.

The long handle help you to stay away from the harmful chemicals used to clean, and don’t have to reach the hard areas, avoid slipping and falling,reduce the risk of injure.

We upgraded the design and added plastic cover into the both ends of rods to prevent your hands from being hurt while installing, even safe for the kids when they try to help.


Plastic+Stainless steel.


Household Cleaning


handle length:51.2 inches

broom head: 10.7*4.3 inches


1 lb

Package Includes:

Pole * 3

Broom head *1

Use & Care Instructions:

Shake or rinse broom after each use to remove excess debris.

Keep broom fiber away from wall and off the floor.

NOTICE: It has all of the dimensions on Amazon. Please check the size before order.

Product Features

  • 【Synthetic Fibers Bristles】You can call it pull broom or dusting brush, depending how and where you used it. Soft “split-tip” synthetic fibers bristles use both dry and wet, will never cause a mold or mildew problem. You need this if you have a store, office or home with hardwood floors.
  • 【Essential Household Item】It is use in home here and there, works well on various floor types. For example, kitchen and bathroom. Besides, it also works great as a dusting brush, cleaning Wall, Ceilings, Book Shelve and Curtain Rods.
  • 【Ergonomic Sweeping】17.7″-32.1″-51.2″ removable long handle allow you to Stand upright for comfortable sweeping, won’t pain in the knees while cleaning. Having a metal handle makes it much more sturdy and reliable.
  • 【10.7″ Width Broom Head】10.7″ Width head, it picks dirts, dust, wastepaper and hair up. Nice soft bristles to sweep deep grooved areas.
  • 【Best Customer Service】Coming with 1 year (Replacement or reimbursement) warranty. We offer 100% guarantee customer satisfaction.