We introduced the adjustable-height flange specifically for linear shower drain installations since it helps keep the linear drain flat and level. By making it adjustable you can easily move the height of the drain up or down to make sure it ends up at the correct height for the desired floor slope. PLEASE NOTE THE THE RUBBER GASKETS ARE NOT REQUIRED IN THE ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT VERSION

Product Features

  • Comes with 2 linear drain mounting options- Threaded Adjustable Height & Fixed Height Rubber Collar. Perfect for installing new linear shower drains (2″) but will also fit standard circular or square threaded drains that screw into place.
  • Fits standard 2 inch and 3 inch PVC & ABS tubing on the outlet. Compatible with PVC and ABS pipe. The material is ABS, so if connecting PVC tubing, use the correct cement compound.
  • The adjustable flange allows you to adjust and set the height of the floor drain to accommodate any height to make sure the drain is perfectly set when pouring the concrete shower pan. The Rubber Collar is the standard connection you can use if height adjustment is not important.
  • Made from plastic material and Stainless Steel hardware that will never corrode or rust for worry free plumbing
  • If you have any product or installation questions we can answer them quickly!