Your search for a high-quality handheld shower holder is finally over. The Aqua Elegante Shower Arm Bracket is exactly what you need. When you receive that little brown box from Amazon, take out your new shower bracket and admire the elegant design. You have in your hands a durable and attractive shower fixture.

Now, twist the shower bracket on to your existing fixed shower arm. Attach the shower hose to the shower bracket and to your handheld shower head. Make sure to attach the shorter, wider connection of the shower hose to the shower bracket and the longer, thinner connection to the handheld shower head. (This ensures you do not have issues with mounting the handheld shower head.) Next, mount the handheld shower head and adjust the angle of your shower bracket as necessary. That’s it. No tools are required. You’re now ready to take a shower.

We believe we have the best shower arm bracket on the market. It’s because of this that we can make a guarantee unlike any other you’ve seen. Try our Shower Arm Bracket for 12 months. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, we’ll give you back your full payment, no questions asked. You’re protected if you use the shower bracket for 1 day or for 1 year. That’s how confident we are that you’ll be happy and buy other products from us!

Product Features

  • WALL-MOUNTED HOLDER – Perfectly suited for handheld shower heads with an easily adjustable brass metal ball fitting.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION – Made from robust ABS plastic with a durable brass fitting that won’t crack or leak.
  • CORROSION RESISTANT – Withstands heat, salt, acids, minerals, & grit contained in your water.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – Just twist on! No plumbers required. Clear, concise, step-by-step instructions. The bracket fits all standard shower plumbing (1/2″ IPS threads) and includes FREE Teflon tape.
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY – By responsible small business. (See seller feedback. We stand behind our promise!)