Luckysy small self-adhesive hook

Material: Quality stainless steel + PVC material

Its wide use – Simple design and installation

It can withstand less than 13.2 lbs

It is durable and strong

It affordable prices

Product Features:

1.Easy to paste and won’t damage your walls, no need to nail and drill. Easy to remove without surface damage.

2.Nice set of transparent/clear bathrooks. The paste and the gel itself are transparent, won’t undermine the overall sense of the wall.

3. Water/oil resistent, wide application towel/robe/coat/hat hooks for lavatory bathroom, entryway, laundry room, bathroom, bedroom, cabinet, office and kitchen.

Install Method:

1.Before stick the item please choose the place which is Dry,Smooth,Nonporous and Clean.

2.Please do not use your hand touch the paste surface when you remove the protection film.

3.Pressed hard when you stick the item,make sure it will stick well.

4.Do not put anything on the item when you stick well the item,it can work well after 12 hours.


1.Normally on the smooth tile surface, this hook can hold up to 13.2lb/6kg. But we’d like to suggest no more than 11lb/5kg for holding a long time.

2.Please clean the adhesive surface with water and dry it with hair dryer if it has dust covered before reposition the hook.

3.Please do not hang valuable and fragile items.

4.Please do only stick the hooks on smooth hard surfaces.

5.Please don’t stick the hooks on painted walls/wallpapers as it will take off your paint/wallpapers.

6.Please do wait 24 hours before attaching anything to these hooks.

Product Features

  • STRONG and stronger – Unique innovative design to hold weight as much as 13.2lbs with one hook that can be used and then reused. These clip hanging hooks are heavy duty on clear surface. Ideal for Christmas Lights also.
  • Excellent quality-Quality stainless steel + PVC material.Super waterproof and oilproof, high and low temperature resistance.
  • Perfect stylish appearance -Unique transparent design makes it almost invisible which is quite suitable for nice home decoration
  • Easy to install-Just clean the wall and keep surface dry, and then peel off the protective layer in the back and stick it on the place in need (Please pay attention that there are limits on painted walls,It may damage the wall if the paint wall adhesion is poor.)
  • Versatile-For hanging pans, pots, coats, towels, clothes, hats, robes etc., it can be used in kitchen, outdoor, bedroom, living room, etc.