Have you noticed that melamine sponges aren’t your favorite pick? But they do pack serious cleaning power. If you are in the kitchen and you notice that the over features some greasy spots on the inside, you would usually grab a sponge and detergent to start cleaning it. But not this time, take our melamine sponge for a spin and let us know how it performs on that greasy oven, kitchen stove or even inside of the car.

What can you clean with eraser melamine sponges?
Many things, like glass, stainless steel, aluminum, ceramic, tiles, wood chrome, fiberglass, walls, doors, skirting boards, floor boards, ceilings , light shades, fittings, appliances, pots, pans, cups, mugs, jars, stove tops, kitchen, benchtops, bins, bathroom, toilets, shoes, car interior or exterior, soap scum, windows, boats, siding, sport equipment, hot tubs and this list would never end. Works like magic.

How to use melamine sponge?
1.Wet the sponge with water
2.Wring it out
3.Rub it gently over the surface to clean away dirt

Product Features

  • Effortlessly removes dirt, scuff marks, soap scum, smudges and more
  • Just wet, wipe and erase
  • Product size 4.5″ Long x 2 3/8″ Wide x 1″ Thick, Packing includes 24 pcs
  • Color White / Blue
  • Multi purpose usage tiles, living room, bathroom, office, car, bike, toys, various appliances, walls, bathtubs, counter tops, porcelain, metal surfaces, glass, panels