We make spaces come alive using a practical, cost-effective wall covering solution. Our decorative thermoplastic panels create a stylish accent and revitalize any interior within a very short time and simplified preparation. Unlike traditional panels you will not have to wait for them to acquire desired authentic look, you get it right out of the box. There is no need for filling nail-holes, chips, cracks, smoothing the surface or sealing with a primer – use the panels to create the right atmosphere using only an adhesive.
The wall coverings are not only easy to install and dismantle, they are also aesthetic, lightweight, water resistant and maintenance free.
The lightweight panels are extremely easy to handle and transport, making design projects easy to carry out in a very short time.

These decorative Savannah waterproof panels with texture inspired by metal stamped ceilings from late 19th century are suited for kitchens and any wash basin surroundings, such as restroom areas, refreshment areas, food preparation areas, cafeterias and more. Backsplash wall coverings are easy to clean and reduce maintenance time.
Savannah tiles are washable and will not stain due to excessive humidity or mildew build-up.

Product Features

  • Backsplash Decorative Wall Tiles with MODERN 3-dimensional design provide a luxury feeling that will UPGRADE and FRESHEN UP the space by creating a beautiful accent wall. This texture is inspired by metal stamped ceilings from late 19th century.
  • Tile Backsplash Size: 1.5′ x 2′ (18″ x 24″) covering approximately 3 square feet; SUPER DURABLE thermoplastic.
  • Recommended wall panel use: homes, healthcare and wellness facilities, hotels, corporate or public buildings, restaurants reception areas and more.
  • MirroFlex Interior Wall Panels are Light weight, flexible, fire retardant under ASTM E-84 Class A (painting over voids certification), impact resistant under ASTM D5420, easy to install (DIY) and maintain.
  • Highest Quality Material Tiles.