Take your ceilings from boring to brilliant with M-Boss Inc. embossed metal ceiling tiles! Sized for 1 person install. The tile itself is 24″ x 24″, and the pattern within the tile repeats every 12 inches. The White (matte) finish will arrive pre-coated and ready to install. The white coating can also serve as a primer for any latex-based top coat. Installation is simple-fasten a sheet of 3/8″ plywood to the joists of your ceiling, and then nail your panels to the wood substrate! You can use nails from your local hardware store, or order our decorative conehead nails. Tiles cut easily with tin snips. Tiles are heat-resistant and safe around moisture. To clean, just wipe with a mild cleaner (such as Windex) and a non-abrasive towel.

Product Features

  • Aluminum-Will never rust!
  • Sized for ONE person installation
  • No SHARP Edges, can be cut easily with standard Tin Snips.