Made from UV stabilized .35 mm vinyl thermoplastic.These tiles may be used in a grid system. These tiles are easy to install, easy to clean, stain and water resistant, resource friendly and delivered direct to your door! Please note that there is no minimum order on our in stock ceiling skins, so you may order single tiles if you want to see what they look like before placing a larger order.

Grid Installation without Existing Tiles

If you don’t have existing tiles you can create some easily by using either 1/4″ MDF or 7/16″ OSB and cutting them into 4″ x 23.5″ pieces. By adhering 1 piece across the back of a tile you create the backing needed with less than 25 cents of material cost. Be sure to check with your local building code prior to beginning your project.

Installing with a 2×4 Grid

With a 2×4 grid you can add a Grid Divider to convert your 2×4 grid into a 2×2 grid.

Product Features

  • Dimensions : 2′ x 2′
  • Material : Vinyl, Type: Direct Mount
  • Weight : 6 oz, Projection : .125″
  • Thickness : .013″
  • Certification : Waterproof, Class A Fire Rated