Cleaning your house is a necessary evil, but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and time-consuming. With the Ohuhu Electric Spin Scrubber, you’ll be able to scrub from the ceiling to the floorboards without breaking a sweat!

This amazing device scrubs away dirt, scum, and grime in a flash. Thanks to an extendable arm (up to 46″) and a bendable head (up to 140°), you’ll be able to clean hard to reach places without twisting yourself into a pretzel.

The spin scrubber has two different speed settings – choose 200 rpm for everyday tasks and 300 rpm for heavy-duty work. You’ll receive 2 sets of brush heads including a round brush, a flat brush, and a corner brush.

Out of power? Simply recharge your spin scrubber and you’re good to go! Each charge lasts up to 50 minutes. This amazing device is a must have for homeowners, custodians, people with arthritis, and more. Clean your home like never before with Ohuhu!

Product Features

  • 💦 ✨ Eliminate the Elbow Grease: Got a big mess on your hands? Let this amazing gadget do the work! This powerful scrubber spins a full 360° and gets rid of scum, grime, and mildew in no time flat. It’s great for anyone who struggles with cleaning due to arthritis, back pain, or fatigue
  • 💦 ✨ Cordless, Extendable, and Rotatable: Don’t let obnoxious cords tether you down. The Ohuhu Spin Scrubber is battery powered so that you can move around with ease. The aluminum handle extends to an incredible 46″ to tackle out of reach places, and the head bends 140° to squeeze into tight gaps
  • 💦 ✨ Bonus Brush Head Set: Enjoy a set on us! You’ll receive a free set of brush heads so that will come to the rescue when the originals wear out- that’s six brush heads in total! Each set includes a round brush for irregular surfaces like bathtubs and toilets, a flat brush for surfaces like tile floors and windows, and a corner brush for grout, faucets, and more
  • 💦 ✨ Dual Speed and Rechargeable: This spin scrubber is rechargeable and can be used again and again. Each charge lasts up to 50 minutes- you’ll be able to clean your entire home in one fell swoop. Choose between two different speeds to best suit your needs! The scrubber can spin at either 200 rpm or 300 rpm
  • 💦 ✨ Powerful and Water Resistant: Multiple protection mechanisms protect the scrubber from overheating and maximize performance for years to come. It will shut off automatically when excessive pressure is applied to the brush. It’s also IP44 water resistant and will withstand drips and splashes without damage