Our 40W 2×2 ft led panel is an ideal replacement of your 3 or 4 piece of f20t12 bulbs(or similar types), it is designed to lay in drop ceiling,so it needn’t troffer:
1 piece 2×2′ panel = 3 or 4 piece of f20t12 bulbs + 1 piece of 2×2′ troffer.

Living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, reading room
Conference, meeting room, exhibition hall
School, university, hospital, hotel, restaurant
Supermarket, shopping mall, department store and anywhere needs great light!

Installation ways:
drop in(recessed)
surface mounted or pendant(Accessories for pendant or surface mount should be bought seperately).

Product details:
● Power: 40 Watts
● Brightness: 4800lm
● Efficiency: 120lm/W
● Input voltage: 100-277VAC, 50/60Hz
● Color temperature: 5000K (daylight white)
● Beam angle: 120º
● Color rending index: 85
● Power factor: 0.95
● Operation temperature: -4°F~104°F
● Dimmable: no
● Lifetime: 50,000 hours
● Certification: DLC, UL, FCC

1.The design of the panels produces an even,consistent shadowless light.The LEDs enable long lifetime,high lumen,and high CRI,and are low maintenance and constructed without hazardous materials.
2.High efficiency & lower power consumption.Delivers high brightness & excellent illumination even in high ceiling areas.
3.Extraordinary long life of LED’s& external isolated constant current power supply (30,000 hrs) to ensure zero maintenance.
4.No UV or IR radiations Environment friendly as it does not contain Mercury Instant light with low running temperatures.
5.Excellent Color redending index,showing the thing’s real color.

Product Features

  • Ideal replacement of T8/T10/T12 fluorescent tube bulbs,needn’t 2×2′ troffer.Saving 50% of your electricity bill.
  • Eligible for Rebates Programs.Our LED Panel is qualified by DLC(Design Lights Consortium).Buyer can apply for rebates from local energy provider.
  • Quick and easy installation with multiple installation applications.This LED panel can be installed in drop ceiling grid or hung as a pendant or surface mount. NOTE: Accessories for pendant or surface mount should be bought seperately.
  • Edge-lit technology,the light source is at two sides,the middle is Acrylic PMMA light guide panel,the full lighting area is even and bright,no shadow.
  • UL Listed for quality and safety.LED as light source,environmental product without Hg,no polution,recycling.Constant currenct,no noisy,instant start-up, No UV,no mercury