Nicedec 17.6 Pounds Hook
Most of our Nicedec hooks are heavy duty hooks. This hook can carry up to 17.6lbs / 8kgs on upright smooth surface. Any kind of smooth wall surface is good to go, for example, wood, glass, tile, stainless and steel metal ornament, plastic article etc.

The sticker body of this hook is made of colloid, which makes it possible that it can fill very little gap junctions when attached to wall surface. So in case if your wall surface is a little bit pitted or rough, you can definitely choose our hook for saving room and hanging more! The sticking body of the hook is larger than the base frame of the hook, and this makes it stronger, more stable and more flexible than other normal 3m hooks.

Nicedec 17.6lbs hook is also waterproof and oilproof with temperature resistance. It will leave no scratch or dent on surface when you tear it off from the wall. What’s more, the hook itself can be flipped up and down! That means it can be applied on any angle of smooth surface, even on the ceiling! Nicedec always consider more for you!

1. Please clean the adhesive surface with water if it has dust covered before reposition the hook.
2. Why this hook is not recommended for painted wall? – Since the painting on painted wall is always too weak to hold heavy stuffs, and our hook is heavy duty hook which can hold much more pounds than other normal 3m hooks. It is easy for the hook to take down some painting and fall off the wall. Thus we don’t suggest to use this hook on painted wall.

Product Features

  • Each hook can carry up to 17.6 pounds or 8KG / 17.6lb
  • Can be applied on more surfaces even if the surface is a little bit pitted or rough
  • Not suggested for painted wall (painted walls usually can not support heavy duty stuffs)
  • Transparent body makes it almost invisible and is quite suitable for home decoration
  • Free replacement guarantee