Microfiber Pads
Willike microfiber mop has strong detergency and incredible water absorbency. Our product is effective for cleaning various types of floor in different situation including home or office. The pad wraps up the mop plate, thus it will not fall off from the mop head in the course of use.
High Quality
Made of stainless steel, the pole is not only high-quality but also lightweight. It will not bend, and you can clean with less effort. Medical grade silicone handle is anti-slip and is comfortable for a long time use. Easy on and easy off thread joint is sturdy, and prevents annoying movement.
Creative Design Easy button without spring is convenient for you to take down and reassemble the mop pad. Twist lock telescopic handle allows you to adjust the pole to fit your height. The twist lock makes sure that handle will not go back unexpectedly.
*Material: ABS engineering plastics, medical grade silicone, stainless steel and microfiber
*Size: 22*5*51 inches
Ways to Wash the Pads:
*Please remove hair and dust sticking on microfiber pads before cleaning the pads.
*Put them in your wash machine or wash by hand with neutral cleaner in warm water. Water temperature should be under 140℉. Do NOT soak the pads in water for a long time.
*Do NOT add fabric softeners because it ruins the static charge that allows microfiber to attract hair and dust. Bleach will also degrade microfiber over time.
*Tumble dry on low, or hang to air dry.
Package List
collapsible pole*1
mop head*1
original microfiber mop cloth*1
bonus microfiber mop cloth*2

Product Features

  • [Deep Clean] Willike microfiber mop has strong detergency and incredible water absorbency. The microfiber pad is wet or dry dual-use, which makes it clean up pet hair, tough dirt and dust thoroughly and effectively. Willike microfiber mop is perfect for hardwood, laminate, tiles, polished stone, ceiling, windows, cars and so on. The microfiber pad wraps up the mop plate, which prevents the mop from scraping your furniture.
  • [Comfortable] With a 360 degree swivel, Willike microfiber mop can easily reach under furniture, unmovable beds, and blind spots. The mop plate is larger than the traditional ones, thus it costs you less time and effort to clean a large area. It is designed in according with ergonomic design. It fits comfortably in your palm and allows you to clean easily.
  • [Durable] Made of ABS engineering plastics, medical grade silicone and premium stainless steel, Willike microfiber mop is sturdy, anticaustic, nontoxic and lightweight. It will never be easy to crack or bend. Microfiber cloths are washable and safe for washing machine, thus they are much more economical than disposable products. Hanging hook on the pole makes it easy for you to storage without taking up too much space.
  • [Easy Button] The easy button on the mop plate makes it more easy to use, and renders you an amazing usage experience. It allows you to take down and reassemble the mop pad easily by stepping on the professional and innovative easy button. After reassembling a new mop cloths, you just need to press the mop head to the ground, and then you can use it as usual. The easy button perfectly frees your hands.
  • [Twist Lock Design] Three parts adjustable twist lock telescopic handle can be adjusted from 39″ to 51″. Loosening the twist lock (counter clockwise), you can extend or shorten the telescopic handle. It allows you to adjust it to fit your height, thus you have no need to bend over to clean the floor. Tightening the twist lock (clockwise), you can lock the handle, and make sure that the handle will not go back unexpectedly. All these provides an amazing usage experience for you.