Product Description

LONGKING metal wall tiles are made of brushed aluminum with a durable scratch, splash and heat resistant polyurethane finish. Create a high end, professional look with these affordable tiles. With a peel and stick backing, these self-adhesive tiles transform a space with little work. These easy to cut tiles don’t require spacers or grout and bend to create perfect corners with less cutting and no wasted off cuts. Lightweight tiles are easy to work with and allow maximum adhesion. Perfect for a bathroom or kitchen backsplash or feature wall. LONGKING brushed metal tile can be installed in minutes over a clean and sleek surface without any mess

If cutting tiles, one of the following tools will be needed:

– Jig saw or chop saw (recommended)
– Hack saw
– Hole saw or coping saw (for circular cuts or electrical outlet cutouts only).

Product Features

  • Come in one pack of 5 tiles, 12″x12″ each; Total coverage area is around 5 sq.ft
  • Self-adhevsive Tiles, just peel and stick, easy do it yourself
  • Dry installation; No thin-set backing & finishing grout,Each sheet has brushed aluminum matted surface and adhesive backsplash, no grout.
  • Suitable for most indoor applications: kitchen backsplash and walls, fireplaces, borders to soften conventional ceramic tiled walls, garden walls
  • Tiles should not directly contact with flames or submerse in water.