Landlord says No Drilling on the wall?
I live in a rented apartment and my landlord specifically says No Drilling on the wall, but desperately need something to organize my messed up bathroom.
So i trying to make something to solve this problem, I believe there are thousands of people out there who are in similar situation as I do, after a years of Testing and Modifying, we first introduced this Product on Amazon to help people who in similar situation in June 2016.

You cannot believe how easy to install this bathroom shelf
No drilling required but No compromised to its function, Every man and women able to install this bathroom shelf with a screwdriver

Easy installation:
1. Open the package and assemble the shelf with provided screws.
2. Clean the wall and wait till it dry.
3.Applying Stickers – .(use the shelf to measure where you should stick it before you do, Top 2 first , Then the third )
4. Pressing hard on hook of sticker, remove all bubbles for all stickers, pressing hard on the hook make it easier to remove bubbles
5. Mount the bathroom shelf and Apply the Forth sticker.(Please wait for 12 hours before you put anything on the shelf)

Package contents
Fencher bathroom shelf
Adhesive Suction Sticker* 5
Stainless steel Screws * 4

We will send you free replacement if the product fall from wall within 2 years, you can order our replacement stickers from our store if over 2 years, only cost 7 dollars, we will refund the rest after you ordered.

Product Features

  • Advantage of Lancher (Former Name: Fencher ) bathroom shelf: No drilling required, Enjoy the fun of DIY and Save from hiring professionals to drill and damage your wall. Will not fit ROUNDED or CURVED Corner, 90 Degrees ONLY. (85-95 degrees are fine)
  • Reliability Matters the Most; Tested by Tens of Thousands Customers over the past 3 years. Thanks to our unique powerful adhesive suction stickers, product able to hold at least 50lbs for more than 5 years, 2 extra stickers provided. Work on Smooth surface ONLY.
  • Easy and Quick installation, can be installed in any SMOOTH surface (please make sure there is No tile joint or grout line beneath any Adhesive Sticker while installation) Not suitable for ceramic tiles that smaller than 4×4 inches.
  • Made of solid durable Aluminum, unlike stainless steel, it will never rust. WILL NOT WORK For ROUNDED or CURVED Corner, 90 Degrees ONLY.
  • 2-Year Warranty – Please Feel Free to contact Seller if misapplied 2 or more stickers, or any assistance needed, Free replacement stickers available if it fall within 2 years. ( Lancher Direct is the only Legitimate seller for Lancher Products, Please report those New Registered Scammer)