Material: Acrylic (1.2mm thick)
Color: Silver
Size: each pcs : 100 x 110 mm (3.9 x 4.3 inch) (a set of 28pcs)
Weight: 300g/set

1. Before sticking, please keep the wall or object clean.
2. Please stick the acrylic mirror border on flat smooth wall or object, not rough wall or object.
3. Tear the white adhesive paper off,then stick them softly and carefully.
4. After stick all of them, tear off the clear protective film on the surface.
5. Once tear off the protective film, please do not touch the surface with any towel or rag.

Product Features

  • 3D Modern Acrylic DIY Border wall sticker, Perfect for home decor in any place! It’s entirely up to you. Be creative and artistic!
  • Safe and Waterproof: This acrylic mirror sticker is non-toxic, non-friable, environmental protection and anti-corrosion. It is as clear and reflective as glass mirror, but not sharp and fragile. It’s unbreakable and child proof.
  • Easy to stick, backside self-adhesive , you can stick the acrylic border to your wall directly. It is ideal to decorate different occasions like TV backdrop, Sofa setting Wall, Window, Door, Closet, Freezer, Cabinet, Tiles, Ceiling, Floor Skirting, Nursery, Bathroom, Bedroom and Office, or wedding room.
  • Removable without damaging your wall. You can use again and again.
  • There is a clear protective film on the surface. Please tear it off after pasting mirror sticker on the wall. It looks very shiny!