Getting the best sound from your home cinema system can take some setting up. Much depends on the position of your speakers and this is where speaker stands can help. Raising your speakers up to ear height can often vastly improve the sound and make adjusting levels and positions much easier.

These stands are perfect for a huge range of surround sound speakers and have universal mounting points to fit most brands. Once attached cables can be concealed inside the stands and height can be adjusted to suit your listening position.

Product Features

  • Pair of Adjustable Height Metal Speaker Stands (Black Finish)
  • Perfect for Satellite or Surround Sound Speakers
  • Adjustable from 28 to 43 inches — 5 lb. weight capacity per stand
  • Mount Speakers Using Standard 1/4-Inch x 20 Back Hole Mounting Screw or Keyhole Mount
  • Speaker Wires Can Be Neatly Concealed inside Pole