❤Welcome to HomeyStyle online store!Homeystyle Self-adhesive Metal Tile, made of Aluminium Composite, which has been using for interior decoration for over 20 years.❤

Space is the container of life with the color of the tune, the days into poetry.

✔Widely Used in DIY Decoration

Help to decorate your house. Just use your imagination to create your new stove ,sink and RV backsplash for kitchen, fireplace exteriors, patio top, mirror frame, table top, stairway sticker and more to explore.
Its standard and cut-size, easy cutting, drilling, and fixing allow everyone to make up his own wall pattern, self-matching design, and complete in hours.

✔Simply “Peel & Stick” on any Clean and Smooth Surface

Simply peel off the backing stickers then stick it on any clean, flat smooth surface with NO wet glue, NON-cement.
Cutting as easy as a thin plywood, with NO heavy tools. So you can save your time and money on labor. Glue is strong and long-lasting.

✔Easy to Clean, Safe and Durable

The metal surface no color fading, anti-scratch and splash.
On its metal surface, grease can be just wipe-n-clean easily. The Aluminium composite is fire retardant and waterproof.

✔Cutting and Installation

Easy to cut tiles, don’t require spacers or grout. Tiles bend to create perfect corners with less cutting and no wasted offcuts.
If there is a need to cut to fit in, use a utility knife, just following the seam between the individual pieces. But if you need to cut through the pieces, please use the:
– Jigsaw or chop saw (recommended)
– Hacksaw
– Hole saw or coping saw

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Product Features

  • ✔The metal backsplash is used for wall decoration, such as the kitchen backsplash,kitchen island walls,bedroom walls,laundry rooms metal wall tile or bathroom wall tile etc.
  • ✔Just peel and stick, directly stick the tile on wall, save your time and money on labor. Easy for installation.
  • ✔Each backsplash tile sheet has brushed aluminum matted surface and self-adhesive back sticker, no grout.Strong stickiness, will not fall off.
  • ✔The tile’s surface is resistant to heat and moisture,easy wipe to remove the stains,most people put it behind the stove, bathroom mirror and even for the cabinet.
  • ✔Package: There are 5 sheets in a box covering 5 square feet(12*12 Inch per sheet). 1% extra wastage is recommended in every project.Tiles should not directly contact with flames or submerse in water.Only recommended for clean and smooth surface.