Update your space with the top-trending Victorian floral Pattern.
5 pcs of Tin Ceiling Tile Nail-up used for walls and ceilings in Living Room, Kitchens, Dens, Dining Rooms and Basements.
.010 thk real tin plated metal.
24″ x 24″ white finished tiles no need to further painting.
Nailup tiles applied using furring strips or plywood.

Product Features

  • KIT: 5 Pack of Tin Panels
  • PANEL SIZE: 24″ x 24″ x 0.01″
  • INSTALLATION: Nail-Up, Easy-to-Cut
  • MATERIAL: Authentic tin/metal, not cheap plastic!
  • COLOR: White painted with natural antique finish, no need further painting. Embossed real metal design accents any wall designs.