Take the Hassle Out of Cleaning!

Working around the house is rarely pleasurable, but spending hours on your hands and knees as
you try to buff away stubborn stains is downright miserable. The worst part? All you’ll have to
show for it are sore joints and a semi-clean bathroom.

Who says cleaning has to be a chore? With a Grout Brush by DTFW, cutting through filth, stains
and built-up dirt is easier than ever! The secret is in our amazing brush head, which was specially
designed for grout lines of any size. Tapered, high-density bristles attack grime head-on, yet
won’t cause any harm or damage to the grout itself.

But what makes our brush a must-have for any homeowner is the adjustable handle. Extending
up to an incredible 53,” users of any height can clean the floor or ceiling while standing up! The
base of the handle was ergonomically designed, giving you total control and comfort while you
work. Complete with hanging capacity, it’s fast and convenient to store.

Most cleaning brushes can only withstand the first few uses – but not ours! Long lasting bristles
and an aluminum handle come together to create a tool that’s durable, reliable and easy to use.
The handle even locks in place for a cleaning experience you might just enjoy.

Why Choose Our Grout Brush?

– Great for grout lines of any size
– Adjustable, lightweight handle
– Easy to store
– Won’t damage grout
– Made with durable materials

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Order Your Brush Now and Make Cleaning a Breeze!

Product Features

  • * Cut Through Grout Stains: Scrub away dirt and leave your grout sparkling clean with our incredible grout scrubber! With tapered, high-density bristles, it’s effective against even the toughest stains. Suitable on grout lines of any size, it won’t cause any damage.
  • * Comfortable Clean: Say goodbye to sore, aching knees! Our grout scrub brush features a lightweight, adjustable handle that extends to a whopping 53″. You can effortlessly reach the floor or ceiling while standing, taking the pain, hassle and discomfort out of cleaning.
  • * Designed for Convenience: Ready to cut your cleaning time in half? We created our grout cleaning brush with the user in mind! Its ergonomic handle gives you complete control and precision as you work, while the hanging capacity allows for fast, convenient storage
  • * High Quality Construction: We always use premium materials in our products to ensure their effectiveness and durability. With long lasting bristles and a sturdy handle made from aluminum, our brush can withstand any level of elbow grease that comes its way!
  • *Satisfaction Guarantee: We’re always developing simple, innovative ways to make your life a little easier! If this isn’t the best way to clean grout, just let our customer service team know and we’ll fully refund your order with our risk-free money back guarantee.TRADEMARK PENDING.