Great Lakes Tin Ceilings provide the classic look of yesteryear with authentic recreations that make a lasting impression in any space. The ceiling tiles are available in both nail-up and lay-in options in 11 styles and 10 finishes. The nail-up tiles are easily applied with nails, screws, or glue. Finish options range from antique or gloss white to bronze burst and copper offerings. Two crown molding styles are also available and provide a finished look to your project. Panels can be cut with tin snips and allow homeowners to achieve a professional look at an affordable price.

Product Features

  • Safer than standard tiles; Great Lakes Tin uses only premium-grade 29-gauge tin-plated steel, tested and awarded the Class A 1-Hour Fire Rating
  • Cut to fit any space; These tiles can be easily cut with tin snips, trimmed to any shape or size to fit your targeted area
  • Not just for ceilings; Great Lakes Tin tiles can be used to create an antiqued backsplash or rustic accent wall in your home; choose the finish that complements your decor and get to DIY-ing
  • Easy to install; Lightweight and durable, these tin tiles come in packs of five 2ft x 2ft panels, preventing the trouble and danger of dealing with bulky sheets of metal; simply drop in the tiles to create a beautiful new ceiling in no time; matching crown molding is also available
  • High Quality Materials; Tiles are made from genuine tin-plated steel, not plastic or foam board; achieve the rustic authenticity you envision with our one-of-a-kind tin ceiling panels