Do you think it’s hard and dangerous to clean the window? especially big and high windows, as well as some outdoor windows. Luckily, you can buy a window cleaning robot to help you complete the dangerous job.
FENGRUI window cleaning robot R-C901 is the best choice. It has a cope which can ensure it will work safely.

Size: 11.6*5.8*4.7inches
Adsorption Power: 5600PA
Voltage: 100-240VAC/ 50Hz/60Hz
Adsorption Mode: Vacuum absorption
Control Mode: Touch-on / Remote control
Cleaning Mode: 3 kinds
– From top to bottom
– From right to down
– From left to down

Package Including:
1×Power Line
1×Safety Rope
1×Safety Hook
1×Spray Bottle
6×Cleaning Cloth
1×Remote Control
1×Instruction Book

Usage Steps:
– Firstly, charging for activation.
– Secondly, checking the cleaning cloth.
– Thirdly, fastening the safety rope.
– Fourthly, connecting the power supply.
– Fifthly, turn on the power.
– Lastly, remote control.

The reason for machine slips down – The cleaning clothes are overuse or excessive wetting.

The machine stop working during the cleaning process – Please check the power cord connection and switch to manual mode.

Product Features

  • √ This robotic vacuum cleaner working on multiple hard smooth surfaces, Compatible with all glass types, flat wall, table, floor, ceiling.No need to take a risk to climbing dangerous ladders to clean outside,Tall or hard to reach high building windows.
  • √ The window cleaning robot is not equipped with an app but is equipped with an infrared remote control and a one-button start, which is easy to operate. Remove useless features and use the money for product quality. At the same time, it has a safety cord that greatly enhances the safety of operating outdoors and at high altitudes.
  • √ When the R-C901 is working, you don’t need to stare at it all the time.Industry-leading technical support, it has a powerful suction of 5600pa, automatic cleaning in three directions, leaving no dead ends. It is equipped with the function of intelligently identifying the boundary of the window.
  • √ You deserve to have a comfortable life brought by intelligence.The R-C901 is fully functional and reasonably priced. R-C901 can hope to solve the problem of cleaning windows while you open another kind of life experience.
  • √ After-sales Service: One year warranty. Please contact us when a fault occurs in the product or do not know how to use.Shipped with DHL Express, the product is delivered quickly.