FENGRUI window cleaning robot R-C901 is the best choice. It has a cope which can ensure it will work safely.


Size: 11.6*5.8*4.7inches

Adsorption Power: 5600PA

Voltage: 100-240VAC/ 50Hz/60Hz

Adsorption Mode: Vacuum absorption

Control Mode: Touch-on / Remote control

Cleaning Mode: 3 kinds

– From top to bottom

– From right to down

– From left to down

Package Including:


1×Power Line

1×Safety Rope

1×Safety Hook

1×Spray Bottle (empty)

6×Cleaning Cloth

1×Remote Control

1×Instruction Book

Usage Steps:

– Firstly, charging for activation.

– Secondly, checking the cleaning cloth.

– Thirdly, fastening the safety rope.

– Fourthly, connecting the power supply.

– Fifthly, turn on the power.

– Lastly, remote control.


The reason for machine slips down – The cleaning cloth are overuse or excessive wetting.

The machine stop working during the cleaning process – Please check the power cord connection and switch to manual mode.

Product Features

  • √ When the R-C901 starts working, it will stick to the glass like a gecko and work for you. When you work at R-C901, you can listen to music or do your work. You don’t need to stare at it all the time.This robotic vacuum cleaner working on multiple hard smooth surfaces, Compatible with all glass types, flat wall, table, floor, ceiling. But remember, don’t forget to connect it to the safety rope. Don’t forget it! ! !
  • √ Our product development is based on customer comfort. The vacuum of 5600pa creates a huge noise. Under the premise that vacuum suction is not weakened, we upgraded the vacuum performance of R-C901, which greatly reduced noise pollution.R-C901 is a cost-effective product, but it can provide the best practical. Replaceable Cleaning Pads Effectively clean stains, water stains.
  • √ One-button start and infrared remote control.It has a powerful suction of 5600pa, automatic cleaning in three directions. It is equipped with the function of intelligently identifying the boundary of the window.Curve clean route, route will not be confused.The length of the charging cable is 4 meters. If you need to lengthen the accessories, you can contact the seller. We will distribute the extension line for free to solve your problem. (Extension line departs from China).
  • √ R-C901 is fully functional and reasonably priced. Then as a gift, it is a good choice.R-C901 can hope to solve the problem of cleaning windows,at the same time, making housework easy.The R-C901 has a high-end design with an intelligent system. When life comes to an increasingly intelligent era, we hope to bring a beautiful lifestyle to our guests.
  • √ After-sales Service: Free return within 30 days(Keep the box).We all use Amazon Logistics to serve you. I can guarantee that your interests will never be damaged.The person is responsible for the inspection of product quality. The check is not random,It is to check each. Each of our machines will pass the test before being sent to the Amazon warehouse.