The Ewbank SC1000 Steam Dynamo for Cleaning without Chemicals is a powerful steam cleaner that uses steam to eliminate grease, dirt, mold and stains. The Steam Dynamo is small, lightweight, and easy to carry or wheel around. With multiple attachments, the Dynamo is perfect for floor to ceiling cleaning. The stream-on-demand trigger allows the nozzle to steam when and where you want it or it locks into place for a constant steam. The Dynamo features an easy access, on-board storage compartment at the front of the steamer for quick and easy access to all attachments. This model includes a floor head cleaner with brush, a window/tile cleaner, nylon brush and mini nylon brush, push button nozzle adapter with jet nozzle, 2 extension tubes, water jug and funnel and a towel bonnet. This model has a 50-ounce tank capacity for 45-minutes of steam cleaning. Ewbank has a heritage to be proud of, we are a household favorite and a much-loved brand in the UK that has been providing innovative cleaning solutions for over 130 years. Innovative design, reliability and customer satisfaction are always top priority and have been our continued strength against our competitors. We were once best known for our carpet sweepers, now due to our ever expanding modern and diverse cleaning range, Ewbank is a staple for most homes. Our multipurpose products, including floor polishers, vacs and steam cleaning solutions are all offered at affordable prices, meaning that Ewbank is always the practical solution to everyday cleaning. Visit for more information on Ewbank and our extensive line of products.

Product Features

  • 1500 Watt Stainless Steel Steam Boiler
  • 50 fl. oz water tank provides a 45 minutes cleaning time per fill
  • 19 ft. total reach for greater flexibility and a 8 ft power cord for increased mobility
  • Steam-on-demand trigger allows nozzle to steam when and where you want it
  • Includes floor cleaner with brush, window/tile cleaner, nylon brush & mini nylon brush, push button nozzle adapter with jet nozzle, 2 extension tubes
  • Powerfully and effortlessly cuts through dirt and grease
  • 50-ounce tank capacity removing the inconvenience of constantly refilling
  • Environmentally friendly with no chemicals required for operation
  • Extra-long 8.2-foot power cable for extra mobility
  • Multi-purpose attachments for floor-to-ceiling cleaning