Product Features

  • ✅ POWERFUL. Our electric scrubber is powerful enough to clean the stains, dirt with reasonable effort. Motor is able to rotate the head of the brush at 300 RPM. Scrubber has a 3.6V built-in battery.
  • ✅ RECHARGEABLE: Battery on the full charge can last up to 50 minutes. To charge the battery in full it takes about 6-8 hours.
  • ✅ WATER-RESISTANT DESIGN: Our seal design makes it safe to operate under wet conditions
  • ✅ 3-REPLACEABLE BRUSH HEADS: Our spin scrubber comes with 3 types of brush heads: Flat brush head, Half-bulb head, Corner brush head to adjust to all your cleaning needs. It can easily be used both indoor and outdoor for cleaning tile, pools, sink bowls, toilets, bathtubs, shower windows, car tires and much more
  • ✅ EXTENDABLE HANDLE. With our handle that extends brush up to 41.5 inches you can easily reach higher areas, hidden corners, and tiny crevices without breaking your back