The ALPHABE Ceiling Hooks will fit any drop ceiling, tile ceiling, grid ceiling, suspended ceiling, or false ceiling. To install, just squeeze the ceiling hook to open it up and place it on the t-bar located on the ceiling grid. The hooks will latch on securely and will be able to safely support up to 15 pounds of weight.

The ALPHABE ceiling clips are an ideal solution for hanging signs, banners, art, decorations, posters, and more from your drop ceilings without causing any permanent damage to the ceiling.

The ALPHABE ceiling hangers are fit for many applications, such as:
Schools and classrooms – Teachers love these ceiling clips due to their versatility in the school setting. Use them for school dances, student artwork, classroom decorations, and more
Offices and retail Stores – Due to the 10 pound weight rating of the ATLIN ceiling hangers, these are ideal for hanging signs and decor in stores and offices
Around the house – From organization to interior and exterior decorations, these ceiling hangers make a great addition to any home
Ceiling hooks come in a pack of 100 and each hook measure 2.5 inch long x 1.1 inch wide

Product Features

  • SIZE AND PACKAGING – Our ceiling hooks come in a pack of 100 and each hook measure 2.5″ long x 1.1″ wide
  • EASY INSTALL, LEAVES NO DAMAGE-Our figure 8 suspended ceiling hangers attach easily to any drop ceiling, grid ceiling, or tile ceiling. Just squeeze to open up the hang clip and place it on the t-bar or grid on your ceiling. The ALPHABE ceiling grid clip will attach securely without causing any permanent damage
  • WIDE RANGE OF USES- The ALPHABE drop ceiling hooks are often known as a teacher’s best friend because of how easily they can be used to hang posters, banners, and artwork. These drop ceiling clips are also ideal for hanging decorations at weddings, offices, conference rooms, school dances, classrooms, retail stores, and anywhere where drop ceilings or grid ceilings are available.
  • BUILT TO LAST – Our High Strength Stainless Steel drop ceiling hanging clips are capable of safely supporting up to 15lbs each. Feel confident hanging signs, banners, apparel and lights with our ceiling hooks
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed, 100% money refund, No questions asked and no hassles.