The double sided lazy mop with stainless steel shaft and microfiber mop is suitable for use with wood floors, tiled floors, marble, also can easily clean the ceiling, walls and other furniture below the corner.

Product Features:
Double Sided Design: Lets you flip from dirty side to clean side,without wasting any time
Stand Design: The flat mop can stand on the floor without leaning on the wall to save space and keep the mop dry naturally
Handwash free design: Hands free squeezing device, easy to operate. Your hands never touch the dirty water
360 Degrees design: Easy to clean every corners. Not only design for cleaning floor, but for cleaning wall, furniture even air conditioning surface
Top Grade Microfiber Floor Mop: No mildew, no bacterial. Durable and will not fall hair, particularly have a strong water absorption
Stainless steel handle construction: Metal mop frame ensures long lasting use.

How to Installation:
1. Insert the ends of mop cloth on the card slot of mop base when changing the pads, repeat the other side
2. Roll the mop cloth to the end of base and fix it flat with built-in velcro system, repeat the other side
3. Screw the middle pole to the bottom pole (with mop base), then screw the top pole (with handle grip) to the middle pole, tighten it clockwise

How to USE:
1. After finish set up, put the mop vertical
2. Slide the bottom pole part up over the base, put down the level to start clean
3. Flip over the mop base for double sided use
4. slide the bottom pole part UP and Down for several times to wring water out
5. After clean, put the mop vertical again and stand for dry

package include:
1 x self-filter mantle base
2 x metal rods
6 x microfiber mop (Note: total of 6 pieces of mop cloth (Include 2 pieces of cloth on the mop base and extra 4 pieces mop cloth for replacement))

Product Features

  • Self Cleaning & Handwash Free: The newest double sided lazy mop with stand design, push-pull type wiper wipe easily without obstacles, handwash free, reduce bacterial growth
  • 360 Degree Design: The microfiber flat mop can rotate 360 degree which allow you clean the floor everywhere without missing any corners. Perfect for cleaning kitchen, living room, bathroom, ceiling, walls and other furnitures
  • Antibacterial Mop Head: The floor Mop head using ultra-fine fiber by the high-tech manufacturing, no mildew, no bacterial. Durable and will not fall hair, particularly have a strong water absorption
  • Stainless Steel Shaft: The 360 lazy flip floor mop with stainless steel mop shaft make force parts more reliable and flexible, the lengthening bar design is easy to clean the corner
  • Size & Package: The Pole length is 130CM (51 inch), the bottom plate is 38 * 12cm(15 inch * 4.7 inch), the thickness is 3.5cm(1.4 inch). There are Two metal rods, total 6 pieces reusable Microfiber pads, a self-filter mantle base