Our decal stickers are made from the best acrylic in the industry.

Easy to stick.Easily removable without damaging your wall.No harm to the environment and health.

Installation prompt:1.Please keep the wall clean before pasting.
2.First according to the template on the ground, put the product well.
3.Suggest to take a small piece of component test whether suitable for metope.

Product Features

  • Material: Acrylic. Not Plastic . Acrylic’s cost is 3 times higher than plastic.Size : 12x12inch/Pc , 8Pcs in total.
  • They can last for many years without peeling or fading. Our decal stickers are no harm to the environment and health.
  • Within 1/2 meters can be very clear, like glass mirror effect, 1/2 meters away, slowly and show the effect of distorting mirror。Two effects of a mirror.
  • Note:Please pay attention to the description , this product is good for decoration,get closer ,get clearer reflection of the object .Peel off the protective film from the surface and you will see clear mirror effect .
  • Don’t: Ash surface, Broken surface,uneven surface.Do:Clean smooth wall,tiles,windows,smooth wallpaper,closets,plastic. The more smooth the wall is, the clearer the mirror is.