Faux tin Beautiful, decorative quality back splash Plastic wall-coverings are an easy and affordable way to redo your kitchen or room. Roll is 2 feet wide cover 52 sq.ft. There will be a flat rate shipping charge of $35.00 for the 26 foot roll. Backsplash wall-coverings are also available for purchase by the square foot for a price of $2.69 per square foot. Use scissors to cut. Apply any good quality Contact Cement, or glue with LOCTITE “power grab, rubber or urethane base adhesive only on the edges and raised crossed section of the sheet, and let it be dry till the solvent of adhesive evaporates. Fast-drying formula dries in 15-20 minutes. Offers high heat and water resistance when dry. We suggest Wellwood by Dap, Inc., and help to locate a dealer near you. We also suggest Liquid Nail Contact Cement for PVC, thickness 0.27mm.

Product Features

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  • Affordable backsplash, easy to cut with regular scissors,washable.
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