Decorative faux tin Wall covering Back splash 2″x26″ roll covers 52 sq.ft. Easy to install with 2 sided carpet tape glue on clean flat surface. Bar remodeling, Restaurant renovation. Kitchen renovation,Bathroom remodeling. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR PVC BACK SPLASH. Each PVC backsplash comes in a roll; it is therefore recommended that you use either an object to hold down one side of the roll while rolling it out or have someone help you hold it on the other side to ensure ease and stability. 1.Measure the total length of the piece you wish to install. Cut the piece at the desired length, with regular scissors. 2.Fit the piece under the cupboards 3.Apply glue (contact cement) on the back of the back splash and on the wall (where you are going to attach it). We suggest Gel Contact Cement. 4.Let the glue dry till it become “tacky” and attach the piece to the wall, squeezing out all the air from behind the backsplash. You are done! Now you can cover the edges of a back splash with metal/wood/plastic edging and start enjoying your new backsplash!Wall Paneling ideas.

Product Features

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