Decorative Ceiling Tape Available in the same variety of colors as our ProLite Tiles, the Decorative Grid Tape is designed to cover the drop-ceiling suspended grid system installations.

Self-adhesive and easy to trim to size with household scissors, this tape makes the T-bar disappear, leaving nothing to detract from your new beautifully crafted, custom ceiling.

Ceiling grid must be dry and free of dust, oils, and contaminants before installation

Cannot be used to conceal seams in direct mount tile installations

Made from durable PVC

Lasts a lifetime

Clean with soap and water

Mold and Mildew resistant

Stain Resistant

Flexible yet strong

Lightweight and easy to install

Product Features

  • Width : 1″
  • Length : 100 ft, Thickness : .13″
  • Grid Tape ONLY
  • Special Instructions : One roll for 20 2’x2′ tiles. One roll for 12 2’x4′ tiles.