Decorative strips and are designed to cover drop ceiling grid in suspended installations, and the joints between ceiling tiles in glue/nail up installations.

Self-adhesive and easy to trim with household scissors, these strips make the grid/joints disappear, leaving nothing to detract from the new beautifully crafted, custom ceiling.

PLEASE NOTE: The drop ceiling grid and/or tiles must be dry and free of dust, oils, and contaminants before installation.

FYI – If you have a 2×4 grid ceiling, but would prefer the look of the 2×2 ceiling tiles, simply insert a 2′ center T bar available online or at most local hardware stores…it’s easy!

Product Features

  • Width : 1″
  • Length : 24″, Thickness : .030″
  • Grid Strips ONLY
  • Special Instructions : One pack for 10 2’x2′ tiles. One pack for 6 2’x4′ tiles.
  • Weight : 1.1 lb per 25