Mute-Gold / Copper Colored Shape and Color varies when lights reflect on different angles

Decopus Self-adhesive Metal Mosaic Tile

Made of Aluminium on surface, laminated with high graded PC, its metallic finishes, shinny colors gives your kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall, and cabinet a premium, DIY self-match for less cost.

Product Features:
1. Its metallic surface and dedicated finishes: horizontal brush, snowflake drops, circular polish adds a luxury touch to your wall. Various metal color: silver, reddish bronze, yellowish copper, gray chrome, beige…, harmonizes with other room accents and wallpapers.

2. Wide Use in DIY Decoration
This metal tile is used widely for house decoration: kitchen backsplash, bathroom, wall accent, cabinet doors. Its standard and cut-size, easy cutting, drilling, and fixing allow everyone to make up his own wall pattern, self-matching design, and complete in hours.

3. Easy to Clean, Safe and Durable
The REAL aluminum promise no color fading, anti-scratch and splash.
On its metal surface, grease can be just wipe-n-clean easily. The Aluminium composite is fire retardant and waterproof. Glue is strong and long-lasting.

4. Easy Cutting and Installation
Easy to cut tiles, don’t require spacers or grout. Tiles bend to create perfect corners with less cutting and no wasted offcuts.
If there is a need to cut to fit in, use a utility knife, just following the seam between the individual pieces. But if you need to cut through the pieces, please use the:
– Jigsaw or chop saw (recommended)
– Hacksaw
– Hole saw or coping saw

>Decopus Decor< specializes in Design, Printing, Surface Treatment, Manufacturing of wall decoration, converings for cabinet , door, windows for 10+ years. For co-operation, product customization, please contact us atDECOPUS website.

Product Features

  • Metal Mosaic Tile Backsplash Self Adhesive for Kitchen, Bathroom, Wall Accent DIY Decoration (12”x12”x 0.16” 4mm thick, 5pc)
  • (See Vedio for the real effect) Mute-Gold / Copper Colored Aluminium, Matte Finished, Aluminium Abrased Artfully, Cut in Tinny Square Chips, Shape and Color varies when lights reflect on difference angle
  • Double-sided Aluminum 100% Non-fading Color plus Durable Fire-retardant Poly-Composite Core, Long lasting Glude. Cutting require SHARP Utility Knife (for profession), or Saw (for non-profession)
  • Dry Installation; Easy Cut; No Thin-set Backing; No Finishing Grout, No Chaos
  • Easy to Clean, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Dirt, Water Proof, Heat-retardant, Non Toxic,