Faux Decorative Quality modern insulated Styrofoam polystyrene ceiling tiles can be glue over any flat surface and over secure POPCORN with ceramic tile mastic adhesive, abutting edge to edge also known as or sometimes referred to as mastic, which is a white acrylic latex adhesive, which will bond ceramic tiles to structurally sound secure dry flat surfaces. It is excellent for setting ceramic tile over drywall and therefore excellent for applying dabs to the rear of our Ceiling Tiles and applying to your ceiling as described. We also recommend Liquid Nail, especially for application to Wood and Metal surfaces. However be very careful to insure you only use Liquid Nail for Wood & Foam Moldings as other types of Liquid Nail will dissolve and or damage plastics including self-extinguishing uniform extruded polystyrene foam A/K/A Styrofoam. It is highly recommended that you test a small area on one Ceiling Tile to be certain. BEST INSTALL IN BATHROOM! MILDEW RESISTANT,WATER PROTECTION! INSULATION!

Product Features

  • Decorative Polystyrene ceiling tiles Easy to install over secure POPCORN, over any flat surfaces,waterproof ceiling tiles,discount ceiling tiles,cheap ceiling tiles.
  • Ceiling tile decorative styrofoam have Little or no maintenance needed; easy to cut. Abutting edge to edge
  • Polystyrine Tile have Mildew Resistant, INSULATED Ceiling Tile 1/8″,easy to glue abutting edge to adge.Suspended ceiling 20″x20″,drop ceilin g 20″x20″.
  • Variety os styles ceiling tiles,tile Paintable with water based paint, metallic paint,suspended ceiling size 20″x20″,drop ceiling,glue on.
  • Ceiling tile:Eco-friendly,Recyclable,Green,Enviromentally friendly.