Faux Decorative and cheap affordable Styrofoam 20″x20″ ceiling tiles are easily installed over existing ceiling, over sheet rock, glue on wainscoat, and can be glue over secure popcorn surfaces and require little or no maintenance. Easy to keep clean. A great way to easily and affordable redecorate renovate your home! The possibilities are endless with our variety of styles and finishes! Paint able with water based paint. It is recommend that they be painted with an airless paint sprayer. We do not recommend you paint with Spray Cans.WATER PROTECTION,MILDEW RESISTANT!REMODELING>HOME REMODELING!Remodeling Kitchen,Bathroom remodeling!

Product Features

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  • Faux decorative tile: Little or no maintenance needed; easy to clean, easy to cut with regular scissors.glue on.tape on.
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