Our upcycled corrugated tin ceiling tile are a unique and vibrant way to add rustic character to your home or business. These 2’x2′ tiles have been crafted from barn roofs and machine sheds giving your home or commercial space an original style. Each environmentally friendly tile is one-of-a-kind as a result of the source. Most tiles will have small holes from where they were originally fastened. The tiles are easy to install thanks to a precise shape and half inch thickness, making it work perfectly in any 2’x2′ drop ceiling 15/16″ T bar system. This ceiling tile is perfect for bars, industrial lofts, man caves, and rustic-style eateries.

Green Upcycled Material

Our steel ceiling tiles are upcycled, not recycled. Unlike recycled items where the material is broken down into a new product, upcycled materials are repurposed for use in a different function. Upcycling is generally considered a greener, more environmentally-friendly process as a result since it prevents materials from ending up in a recycling center or landfill.

100% Unique tiles

Since our tiles are made from upcycled materials, each piece is one-of-a-kind. They will have different coloring and shades, lending a sense of character to any room. With our tiles you’ll have a sense of uniqueness not found in conventional ceiling tiles. They have an attractive range of colors including metallic grey, rust orange, light brown, and a yellowish hue.


  • One 23.625″ X 23.625″ Corrugated Barn Tin Ceiling Tile
  • Installation instructions

Tools Required:

  • Leather gloves
  • Ferrous metal circular saw blade
  • BiMetal jigSaw blade or proper size BiMetal hole saw

We have exceptional customer service standing by to answer your questions and we stand behind our products by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Product Features

  • Unique 2’x2′ (actual size 23.6″x 23.6″) steel tiles upgrade a boring ceiling into a stylish room with an industrial feel
  • Repurposed steel panels come from old barns, and machine sheds that have been crafted into tiles and work with any standard grid
  • Each tile is distinctive with no 2 tiles alike; they have a range of colors, including metallic grey, rust orange, light brown, or even a yellowish hue
  • This American made product is perfect for bars, industrial lofts, man caves, rustic-style eateries or any room you want to give an original design
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee