CeilingConnex corrugated steel tiles will give your room a modern industrial style that is currently popular in home and commercial spaces. Our tiles are cut from new corrugated steel sheets to fit in standard ceiling-grid. Impact resistant with a silver chrome-like finish, these tiles are rugged enough for use on barn roofs and exterior walls, but will make a stunning decorative ceiling tile when installed into a standard drop grid.

Applications for Corrugated Tin Ceiling Tiles

Our versatile corrugated tin ceiling tiles can be used for homes or commercial establishments that want to create an industrial atmosphere. Bars and restaurants can enhance their interiors by installing these into ceiling grid, lending the space a contemporary feeling. Our tiles are also popular in commercial shops such as auto repair, wood-working and custom-welding shops to give the space a clean, modern look.

CeilingConnex: American-Made Ceiling Products

Like all of our products, our corrugated tin ceiling tiles are proudly made in the United States. We have exceptional customer service standing by to answer your questions and we stand behind our products by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • One 23.625″ X 23.625″ Corrugated Tin Ceiling Tile
  • Installation instructions

Tools Required:

  • Leather gloves
  • Ferrous metal circular saw blade
  • BiMetal jigSaw blade or proper size BiMetal hole saw

Product Features

  • 2’x2′ (actual size 23.6″x 23.6″) tiles made from new corrugated steel sheets will upgrade a boring ceiling into a stylish room
  • The silver, chrome-like finish of the tiles will lend an industrial style to homes or commercial spaces
  • Tiles are impact resistant tiles and rugged enough for use on barn roofs and exterior walls
  • US made product will work with any standard grid
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee