Hang Easily Everything You Want and Where You Can without Damaging Your Ceilings or Walls…

With these Hooks you can quickly hang inside and outside all the items you want without using nail, tack, screw, drill or hammer.

This means that you can decorate and beautify any area without causing damage to ceilings or walls, as you can hang and display your items without making holes or sticking tape. It will save you time and money because you will not have to repair, fix or paint any place after removing what you hung up.

Because You Want Your Life to be Easier and more Organized…

These hooks simplify what seems difficult and make your life easier, so do not waste time thinking about how you will hang the items you want. Just squeeze the hook widest side and you’ll realize how flexible from the start. It is very easy to open the upper end so quickly install it anywhere you want and the hook fits. It is also easy to remove. You can use it with the opening up or down.

This means you can enjoy more your activities, because in no time you hang up and pick up your items, making your life more manageable.

Because You Want Your Spaces to Look Beautiful for Low Cost…

These metal hooks make more affordable decoration and display of your items as they are durable, reusable and anyone can install them without having to hire specialized staff.

The hooks size and thickness are perfect for hanging. They come with nylon string.

You can be creative and hang anything you want. Wedding, school, parties, holidays and Christmas decorations, lamps, banners, curtains, flags, ornaments, cables, scarves, etc.

Attach them from Suspended Tile, Grid, Drop Ceilings, bar, rod, air vent, rope, trees, etc.

Anywhere. At home, classroom, office, stores, hotels, theaters, stages, school dances, proms, etc.

This means that you save money and be delighted with how beautiful it looks.

Product Features

  • Hook Clips to hang items indoor outdoor with no damage to ceiling, wall; no nail, tack, screw, drill
  • Flexible, easy, fast to install, remove; squeeze widest side to open up, hang anywhere the hook fits
  • Durable, reusable metal clip for hanging decorations, signs, lights, plant, lantern, artwork, mobile
  • Includes 100 Hooks complete with 78.7 inches/2 meters Nylon Wire Cord; hanging kit with Nylon string
  • Hook dimensions 3.15 x 1.95 inches, thickness 1.8 mm, weight capacity 10 lbs; ideal size for hanging