b>CUSTOM SHOWER by ShowerAuthority:
Complete freedom to shape the curtain rod to whatever need and situation you might have – Half-round, D-shape, Neo-angle, Free-form. Full circle not recommended.

Innovative track design where the shower curtain can move freely along the rod without interference of the ceiling supports.
Injection molded wall flanges and 24 curtain gliders and stainless steel curtain hooks included as well as fasteners.
With a total length of 10 feet you can easily cut it down to fit a smaller shower/tub enclosure.
The ceiling support / profile couplers connect the profile sections anywhere along a straight section of the curtain rod.

Easy to clean materials that will withstand the steamy bathroom environment. Rust-proof construction.

Detailed, easy to follow illustrated installation instructions. Included support is 20″ tall for 8′ ceiling. Longer ceiling supports for tall ceiling available.

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Product Features

  • FLEXIBLE SHOWER CURTAIN ROD – Innovative design can be bent to fit any area and your needs
  • CURTAIN MOVE FREELY – Dual channel continuous track aluminum profile; curtain will move freely along curtain rod without interference of the ceiling supports. Perfect for full enclosure
  • 10 FEET LONG – Ceiling supports included. WHITE FINISH. Will complement any décor
  • GUARANTEED TO NEVER RUST – Rust proof construction
  • TALL CEILING – Now with 40″ ceiling support for most ceilings
  • The wall mounts and curtain hooks are made from ABS plastic (load tested to 8 pounds)