Anwenk Adhesive Wall Hook Ceiling Hanger Hook for Home Kitchen Bathroom 12 Pack

– No Tools,No Drilling, No Screw No making holes.Super easy to install.
– Up to 13lbs time-proven adhesive load weight ability.
– Waterproof, Oil-proof and high and low temperature resistance. Works perfectly in kitchen/bathroom.
-Trace-Less design. No scratch/damage/leave color on the surface.Easy stick on and release.
– Reusable hook. clean it with water, dry it naturally or with hair dryer and can be use again.
– Widely used on smooth ceramic tile or even rough/ little bit pitted ceramic,stainless steel,glass,matte glass, wood,metal ornament, plastic article etc.

How to use:
1.Clean the surface from oil/dust. Dry the surface if there’s water.
2.Peel off the plastic cover starting from on of the the bulge.
3.Press the basic of the hook to contact steady from middle to edge. Make sure you extrude the air and the hook contact with the wall totally.
4.Test the hook by your hand.It will be Stronger to hold heavy things after 24 hours to use.

1.If it has dust covered on adhesive surface, please clean it with water and dry it with hair dryer /naturally before re-position the hook.
2.Please do wait 24 hours before attaching any heavy things to these hooks.
3.The adhesive hook can hold up tp 13lbs, but we suggest hanging objects less than 11lbs if you will hang them for a long time.
4..Please do not hang valuable and fragile items.

Product Features

  • TRANSPARENT DESIGN- Stylish Adhesive Wall Hooks,Made of clear transparent PVC, almost trace-less and invisible. Perfect for home decoration.
  • EASY OPERATION- This adhesive hook is super easy to use. Just clean the surface, peel off the plastic cover on the back and press the basic of the hook to contact steady from middle of the edge, then you are ready to enjoy. This is a reusable hook, so you can take it off, clean and re-position the hook wherever you want without damaging the surface.Note: They are NOT Reusable/Removable for Painting Walls.Pealing off from painting wall can damage the wall!
  • SUPER POWERFUL – No more Drilling/screwing/making holes. The time-proven adhesive hook system is one of the best among the competitors and holds the load of up to 13 lbs per hook on wall/ceiling.
  • TOP GRADE MATERIAL- Stainless steel hook+ PVC adhesive material. Waterproof and oil-proof, extreme temperature resistance. Size 2.5″x2.5″.
  • WIDE APPLICATION- This adhesive hanging hook is super versatile which is suitable to use in various scenes in kitchen/bathroom. It can work on wood tile, ceramic ,mirror, stainless steel,acrylic, plastic, laminate and more. Attention – There are limits on painted walls. It can damage the wall if the painted wall adhesive is poor.