Your search for a better shower is finally over. The Aqua Elegante Adjustable Shower Arm gives you complete control over your shower height and angle. Shower too low? Then raise your shower head for full body coverage. Shower too high? Lower your shower head to make it easier to reach. Large shower head with not enough pressure? Don’t fret. Extend the shower head away from the wall and above your head where you can enjoy it.

When you receive your package from Amazon, take out your new shower arm and admire the elegant design. You have in your hands a high-quality, solid brass shower fixture. Twist the adjustable shower arm on to your existing fixed shower arm. Then install the shower head. Adjust the height and angle of your shower, and lock in the position when you’re happy. That’s it. No tools are required. You’re now ready to take a shower.

Turn on the shower and notice how much better your shower can be without changing the shower head. If you share a bathroom with someone else, you can each adjust the shower arm to the best position. (No more settling for someone else’s preference!)

What separates the Aqua Elegante shower arm from the competition? It’s simple really. We construct each shower arm from solid brass made from an alloy of copper and zinc. Brass offers excellent temperature ductility, meaning it won’t deform under tensile stress with high and low temperatures. Brass also provides less surface friction than other metals and plastic, allowing more water flow without sacrificing pressure.

It’s because of this that we can make a guarantee unlike any other you’ve seen. Try our Adjustable Shower Arm for 5 years. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, we’ll give you back your full payment, no questions asked. You’re protected if you use the shower arm for 1 day or for 5 years. That’s how confident we are that you’ll be happy and buy other products from us!

Product Features

  • PERFECT SHOWER ADJUSTMENT – Optimize the shower height and degree angle to suit you! Raise a low-hanging shower head for more showering coverage. Lower a hand held showerhead to more easily reach it. Extend a rainfall shower head away from the wall. This shower arm works with any shower head: handheld, rainhead, multifunction, etc.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION – Made from solid metal with durable swivel joints that won’t crack or leak. Safe, easy-to-tighten handle grip. Strong jointed pivot can support up to 3 pounds.
  • CORROSION RESISTANT – Withstands heat, salt, acids, minerals, & grit contained in your water. Rustproof like stainless steel; can use outdoors: beach, RV, outside pool, or anywhere.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – Just twist on! Installs in minutes without tools. No plumbers required. Fits all standard shower plumbing (has universal 1/2″ threads). Includes FREE Teflon tape.
  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY – By responsible small business. See seller feedback. We stand behind our promise! Message us in Amazon or go to our website if you ever need any help.